Trey's Tour of Truckee (Donner Pass)
We took these photos as we climbed Donner Pass on our third day of riding. The climb is continuous for 3.5 miles and has a grade of 6-8%. These are a bit fuzzy because the digital camera was set to the lowest resolution. Sorry. Click on the pictures for a full screen view.
Donner Pass Rock Face
Jeff is on this section of road at the base of this huge rock face. This might give you and idea of the grade and the size of things here in the mountains of the Sierra
This should give you a sense of the size of the rock formations on this mountain pass. Jeff is about half way up in this photo. CLICK on the photo for full size.
At the Top
The grade
Here we are at the top. Donner Lake is 1100' below.
Sugar Bowl
Tom and Trey work their way up the 3.5 mile climb. This picture doesn't do justice to the 6-8% grade.
Looking down
Here we are on the other side at the Sugar Bowl Ski Slopes.
Here's a shot looking down on the road from near the top. CLICK on the photo for a full size picture.