Trey's Tour of Truckee - Gold Lakes and Yuba Pass
This is the day we made the big climbs of over 7.5 miles and 5 miles for eleveation gains of over 2500 feet.

Our Escort At the top of Gold Lakes Pass
After climbing for over 50 minutes we got a short respite then had to climb another mile and a half. We stopped for a breather and photo at the top.
Californians are really nice people. They even gave us a leadout on our way to the mountains.
Yuba Pass
Jack Hartman
Our tour guide was Jack Hartman. Jack is a friend of Greg LeMond and others. He is a heck of a rider and a really great guy to talk to.
After another 2 mile downhill run we stopped for water and Gatorade. The water tasted better. There's nothing like mountain water. We left the store and immediately the road went up . . . for another 5 miles. Here we are at the top of Yuba Pass.
Neil Recovering
Neil felt really bad that day and stayed home. This is how we found him when we got back. Looks like he had a pretty good day. He actually assumed this position most evenings regardless of injuries.
That night I tried my hand at long exposure. I need practice. This is the best shot I got of the moon rising behind a thin veil of clouds.