Trey's Tour of Truckee - Sierra Valley

On this day we decided to do a flat ride. We had to transport our bikes out there because the roads on the way aren't conducive to bikes.
Sierraville Sign Neil
We stopped to give Neil a little rest since he was hurting from his crash yesterday. We used it for this photo op. The lense must have gotten smudged from riding in my jersey pocket. Neil needed a couple more breathers during the day to rest his aching bones.
Train crossing
This has got to be the smallest store in the world. Maybe Wal Mart started here!
A train crossed the track about a half mile behind us. It's a cool picture in spite of the poor quality.
An Engineering Marvel
Sattley Cash Store and Post Office
An engineering marvel. The Sattley Cash Store has a pot bellied stove that is hooked up to a chimney that is suspended from the ceiling. It's been there like that for 130 years.
This is the town of Sattley. After riding into the wind for about 18 miles we needed Gatorade. They had it! The post office is in the same building.
Sattley Cash Stor Proprietor and Postmaster
Sattley Post Office
I took a picture of the Sattley Cash Store proprietor and Postmaster.
This is the post office next. If you look very closely you'll see the window on the left is for mail and the one on the right is for money orders.