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Trey's Tour of Truckee
KAOS Confuses Californians
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Saturday, July 20, 2002: Prologue

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3:00 a.m. the alarm goes off. 15 minutes later I make the rounds picking up groggy KAOS members, bikes and gear. We stuff it all into the Ford F150 Super Crew and head out for Columbus.

The airport is just warming up as we get there. It's 5:30 and already a lot of vacationers are in line. We check our bags. Neil finds the grumpiest ticket guy and harasses him about the charge to ship our bikes. We head for our gate to go through security. The grumpy guy is there. We choose our line carefully and get through security without incident. A moving walkway. Jeff gets dropped. They start boarding our plane at 7:05. The grumpy guy is there. Neil keeps quiet.

The flight into and out of Denver is smooth. We arrive at Reno 15 minutes early. Trey's daughter, Chrissy greats us. We load our baggage into 2 SUVs and head southwest on I-80 to Trey's house in Truckee, California. Reno is dry, brown and rocky. It's sunny and in the mid 80s.

The scenery evolves as we travel. Mostly barren hills give way to pine covered mountains and deep valleys. 35 minutes later we arrive in Truckee. It's a small busy tourist town about 6,000 feet above sea level in the Sierra Mountains. We get the 25 cent tour.

We head up to Trey's house. I mean we head UP! to Trey's house. It's an aditional 400 vertical feet.

Bikes get unpacked and assembled. They seem to have made it without any damage. The straps on our homemade bike boxes don't do so well. The airport gorillas seemed to have practiced their 'clean and jerk' weight lifting excercises.

Shopping. We go to town to pick up supplies. We do a good job of getting the four major food groups: Beer, Chips, Power Bars and Beer. A stop at the local bike shop is in order. We purchase water bottles, CytoMax and a pair of shoes. A quick stop at the hardware store yields us CO2 cartridges at 1/4 of the bike shop price. During shopping I make an interesting observation. There are no fat people, mullets and few tattoos.

Everyone fills up on sandwiches and beer and then we settle down to watch Stage 13 of the Tour.

Night comes quickly. Bedtime.

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