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Trey's Tour of Truckee
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Sunday, July 21, 2002: Stage 1

Jeff gets up at 5:30 and starts the coffee. Everyone is up by six. The sun is shining but a few clouds are wisping by. It's 53 degrees out. Our director sportiff informs us that we will be climbing today. At 8:30 we make one last check of our bikes, snap a few photos and we're off. On the way down into Truckee we coast at 45 mph. Uh-oh! What's it going to be like coming home? The air is cool and clean.

We head out towards our destination. The route takes us downstream along the Truckee River. The terrain is rolling. The first hill makes us gasp for breath. Who turned off the air? The pace is quick but reserved. We know we have about 2500 feet of climbing in front of us. What's it going to be like when we really start climbing?

At about 12 miles out we find a general store and stop for sunscreen. Neil's cassette is loose. We decide to head back to Truckee to get it fixed rather than risk a more serious problem out on the road. They add a shim to the bottom of the stack and it's fixed. Thank God for good mechanics.

We retrace our steps and head for the Bocca Reservoir. The road is beautifully paved and fast. A sign at the side of the road warns us of roller skiers ahead. We pass several. At the reservoir the road tilts upward towards the Stampede Reservoir. The grade continuously increases and doesn't stop for over 3 miles. More roller skiers on the way up! We gain 700 feet of elevation. The paved road ends and we stop for power bars and water. The return trip is fast. Jim flats as we pass the Bocca.

We cross under I-80 to Hirschdale. Another relentless climb of about 1.5 miles to Glenshire. The grade is more severe than the reservoir road. We gain 300 feet. We roll back into Truckee and stop for refreshments. Smoothies for everyone.

Now the hard part. After 60 miles of gasping and climbing, we only have a couple more to go. Up. Like West Lebanon Road into West Lebanon. Twice. Maybe three times. There's nothing like a good warmdown after a long hard ride. We clock 65.0 miles at 18.6 average.

Showers, the Tour, Lasagna and beer for all.

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