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Trey's Tour of Truckee
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Thursday, July 25, 2002: Stage 5

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Today is the big climbing day. We will be riding 60 miles today and will cross over two mountain passes. Neil decides to stay home today. The soreness hasn't gotten any better.

We go to the Squeeze Inn for breakfast and to meet Jack Hartman, one of Trey's old riding buddy's from Reno. Jack is retired and rides continuously. He has the distinction of being a national sprint champion numerous times over the years. He tells us stories of riding with Greg LeMond when Greg was a junior. Jack was his sprint instructor.

We drive back out to Sattley to start the ride. The first 15 miles are flat. We travel through a small town and stop for a screwdriver to adjust Trey's cleats. The terrain starts to roll and go up a bit. It is already getting hot and very dry. The sun is intense again. We stop at a store extra drinks. Then head for Gold Lake. The climb starts almost immediately. All I can say is it goes on and on and on with no flat spots, no relief, no change in grade. Every bend in the road reveals another section of up. The climb is 7.5 miles long. I start thinking about the benefits of golf, bowling and TV. Jeff gets to the top first at 51:23. Jim comes in next at 55:40 followed by Jack at 55:47. I get to the top after 57:48 minutes of pain. Trey sweeps up at 60:35.

Finally the road levels and then tilts down for a descent of about a mile. It tips up again for another mile. This aint fair! They said it was only 7.5 miles. Our elevation gain is 2600+ feet.

We start our descent again and speed down the mountain at speeds of 40 mph. It would have been higher without the stiff headwind we had. My legs are trashed and descending is even a chore. At the bottom we find another store. Gatorade, Power Bars and cold mountain water for everyone.

Yuba Pass is next. Again, the road starts up immediately. The grade is not as severe but this one is about 8 miles. I thank God for my 39-25 gears. I shift into the 25 and stay there for nearly the entire climb, shifting and standing only for a little relief. The others are moving at a much faster pace. I'm toast and decide to just spin it out. At the top we tilt downward for a descent of about 5 miles. The road is smooth and fast. Jack warns us to take the 15 mph signs seriously as there are a few hairpin switchbacks. I use my brakes about 3 times in the whole descent and make it to the bottom first. It finally dawns on me as to why my climbing is so poor and descending so good. My carcass to lung ratio is way too high.

Back at the car we pack up and head up the road a couple of miles to a cowboy restaurant. Roast beach sandwiches fill our empty pits.

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