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OCC Zwifters

An informal poll at the recent club holiday get together at Jake’s Steakhouse revealed that a surprising number of OCC members have jumped on the Zwift wagon this year. As a result, we decided to start an Orrville Cycling Club Zwift “Meetup”. That’s Zwift’s term for a member organized ride.

On Wednesday, December 19th at 7:00 pm we held our first club meetup. Five club members “met up” virtually on Zwift and rode the “Greatest London Loop”, a circuit of about 17 miles and a little over 1,000 feet of climbing. The ride was a success, mostly. One member crashed when he rode off his rollers resulting in some basement floor rash. Another repeatedly got dropped when his trainer malfuntioned, suddenly jumping to maximum resistance. The ride started on time. It was a bit chaotic at first because stage 3 of the Tour of London started at the same time. After a few minutes we were out of the crowd and on relatively quiet roads. An hour later we finished and everyone seemed to think it was pretty cool experience.

Because of the success of our first Zwift Meetup, we’ll be hosting more. We’ll probably move to Thursdays so as not to conflict with Amish Night Rides. Only invited riders can participate in a meetup. That’s how zwift prevents spammers from setting up false meetups or otherwize exploiting the site.

Here’s how to get invited. Go to the OCC Facebook page. Find the posting there about Zwift rides (it’s in an orange-yellow block around December 17th). Comment on the post and include your Zwift name. Then, go to Zwift Companion. On the “Find Zwifters” page search for Tom Ozbolt and “follow” him. Tom will approve your follow request. When he schedules future meetups, he with then be able to invite you.You’ll receive an invitation notification with the date/time. About 15 minutes before the scheduled time, log into Zwift and get on your trainer. You should see a “Join Meetup” button on the bottom left of your screen. Just click that and you’ll be teleported to the meetup location. During the ride, the meetup organizer/leader is identified with a yellow beacon overhead. The other riders’ names will be green highlighted on the “Nearby Zwifters” list.

Warning! If you’re late, you won’t be able to join. A workaround is to search Zwift for the meetup leader and join him/her. Unfortunately you won’t see the leader’s yellow beacon or the other riders’ highlighted names.


Priest With Tiny Bike

This is a new definition of “Holy Roller”. This priest give a group of pro looking riders a run for their money.

Just ‘Jeremy’ — Well-known local cyclist remembered for his skill and his faith

ORRVILLE — For Jeremy Grimm, the priorities were clear. First came God, then his family. After that, there was cycling. The 42-year-old Orrville man had started competing in cycling events when he was just 6 years old, following on the heels of his father, Bob. And despite years of pain brought on by Lyme Disease and an accident that resulted in a broken neck, Grimm pushed ahead, becoming an elite cyclist known across the region for his explosive sprinting as well as for his faith. So it

Source: Just ‘Jeremy’ — Well-known local cyclist remembered for his skill and his faith

Vulture’s Knob – Mountain Bike Trail, Singletrack

Vulture’s Knob was recently sold to new owners. The good news is it will remain as Ohio’s premier mountain biking park. With 175 acres of single track trails of all levels of difficulty, it’s a destination for MTB enthusiasts from all over the Midwest. Help Vulture’s Knob stay alive. It cost’s $15,000 to $20,000 per year to keep, maintain and upgrade the trails along with a lot of volunteer work. A crowd funding effort has already made progress raising the funds needed. Visit the website to see what’s going on.

Source: Vulture’s Knob – Mountain Bike Trail, Singletrack

105-year-old Frenchman sets new hour record – Gallery |

At 22.547km, Robert Marchand is still the fastest centenarian in the world

Source: 105-year-old Frenchman sets new hour record – Gallery |

This is my new hero. I hope one day I can challenge Robert’s world record!

Six Humblebrags

How many of these do you catch yourself doing with your friends and co-workers after a weekend of riding?
Six Humblebrags

KAOS Confuses Californians

Way back in July of 2002, five members of “Team KAOS” flew out to Truckee, CA for a week in the mountains. I was digging around in old website files and found Trey’s Tour of Truckee. The memories are as fresh as the day we came home.

Velominati – Keepers of the Cog

We spend our days pouring over the very essence of what makes ours such a special sport and how that essence fits into Cycling’s colorful fabric. This is the Velominati’s raison d’etre. This is where the Velominati can be ourselves. This is our agony – our badge of honor – our sin.

Source: Velominati

The Best of Everything Cycling

I was looking for a new helmet and did a search for “best cycling helmet ” and came across In the Know Cycling. This guy is really good. He does a nearly scientific review of a bunch of different items including helmets, wheels, tires, groups and components and so on. He actually buys, rides, uses everything he reviews and evaluates, compares and contrasts them in a systematic way. Check it out.

Welcome to Orrville Cycling Club

Welcome to Orrville Cycling Club. This is the fourth version of our website. The first version was hosted on back in 1996 when the internet was young, 486 processors were hot and you were screamin’ if you had a 14.4 baud modem. Back in those days the web address was Now, smartphones and Facebook are a way of life. This current version of our website uses WordPress, one of the best website content management systems around. We’ll try to keep it fresh by finding and posting cycling related information that will help you to become a smarter cyclist without being bombarded with ads, unrelated minutia and other silliness. Ride safe.